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Dynamix Technologies has pioneered an intelligent, continuously querying, real time technology that matches information based on its intended use and meaning. The resulting business intelligence allows enterprises to create and deploy applications that can think, act, and produce results independently and in complex, real time environments. Our technology was created in response to the imperative to manage large, dynamic, complex real time data streams from multiple and disparate sources. Previously, no technology has been able to manage the complexity and the information management demands placed on today's enterprises.

Conventional database technology, data mining tools and business analytics simply cannot meet the new benchmarks being established by Dynamix Technologies in real world environments. Our technology will not only solve many information management problems but it will enable a new class of business process applications, creating new revenue streams while saving millions of dollars.

Unlike existing solutions, Intelligent Matching overcomes the challenges associated with processing multiple dynamic streams of complex, un-cleansed data without the need for offline analysis. Additionally, today's systems typically only solve one type of problem at a time, but not simultaneously nor in an integrated manner. Some technologies focus on high volume, others on in-exact data, and others on data complexity. Few if any can handle these tasks in real-time. Intelligent Matching can manage all of these requirements in a real-time environment with high performance guaranteed.

Matching Engine

The Intelligent Matching Engine is a J2EE and .NET compatible software component at the core of enterprise applications. Developers can build powerful, real-time business applications with the Intelligent Matching Engine. The Matching Engine's ability to identify approximate matches of complex data in real-time allows solutions not possible with conventional technology.
Matching Object

The Intelligent Matching Engine can also be directly into new and existing applications without the overhead associated with J2EE and .Net. The Dynamix SDK allows developers to leverage the power of the Intelligent Matching Engine via an intuitive Java SDK.
Technology Suite

Accelerate the deployment of real-time applications with the Dynamix Technology Suite. It provides additional system-level resources that tightly link with Dynamix's Intelligent Matching Engine.
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