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Dynamix Technologies has pioneered an intelligent, continuously querying, real time database technology that matches information based on its intended use and meaning. The resulting business intelligence allows enterprises to create and deploy applications that can think, act, and produce results independently and in complex, real time environments. Our technology was created in response to the imperative to manage large, dynamic, complex real time data streams from multiple and disparate sources. Previously, no technology has been able to manage the complexity and the information management demands placed on today's enterprises.

Founded in 1999 by leading technologists from Carnegie Mellon University and Wall Street professionals, Dynamix Technologies has refined and extended the power of its original technology to support almost any demand for decision support and complex information management within financial services environments. In late 2001 the original founders were joined by seasoned industry veterans with global technology and management experience who will ultimately drive the power of Intelligent Matching into other information-heavy vertical markets.

The company is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has experienced significant growth in customers, employees and strategic partnerships. The company was recently recognized as one of the region's Rising Stars in the technology sector.

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- Founded in 1999

- Matching for business

- Deep financial expertise

- Proprietary technology

- Multi-industry solutions

- Experienced leadership


- Intelligent Matching Engine

- Approximate matches

- Complex information

- Real-time applications

- J2EE compliant

- Platform independent

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